About ReclayPRO

ReclayPRO is a division of Reclay StewardEdge Inc. (RSE) with offices in Toronto, Winnipeg, and the United States, and is part of the Reclay Group. The Reclay Group is a high-performance, experienced group of companies operating compliance, environmental and material management systems. Our experience and expertise in the development of sustainability and resource management best practices is the foundation for our diverse suite of services.

Drawing on our extensive experience managing programs in Canada and the wide-ranging experience of the Reclay Group in Germany, France, Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, ReclayPRO is uniquely positioned to service the Tire Industry. We help companies navigate the new regulation in Ontario and ensure they are compliant and receiving a fair market price for Services and used tires. We have engaged collectors, haulers, and processors as part of a network to meet targets set by the Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority (RPRA) and support the circular economy.

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